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Global Game Jam 2018

7th Annual Houston Global Game Jam
Theme: Transmission

The Mothership's sensors have been damaged and she is under attack! You will have to pilot our auxiliary targeting craft to locate the enemy vessels and missiles. Use your targeting system to transmit the enemy positions to Mothership so she can destroy them with her mighty weapons.

Good Luck Lieutenant, you're going to need it!


  • Left Mouse Button: Fire
  • WASD: Turn
  • Left Shift/Left Ctrl: Throttle
  • 1-3: Switch Weapons


  • James Lee - Gameplay Programmer, Composer & Graphics
  • Joy Hua - Concept Artist, Look Development & Graphics
  • Micah Fujiwara - Controls, Camera, & Menu Programmer
  • Raymond Mitten - Game Programmer & Effects
  • Reg Chou - 3d Modeler & Assistant Programmer
  • Tyler Works - 3d Modeler & Sound Engineer

Volume warning ahead of time: Might want to turn down the system volume because there are no volume controls in-game!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsmecham, Roflcopteromglol
GenreAction, Shooter
TagsFlight, Space


Spotter.rar 41 MB


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Looks very fun and polished; wish there was a Mac version though! And would be nice to have it as a zip file ; )


A great way to end an awesome month! I really enjoyed it so much, wish there was a story on it thou. Great job guys! ;)

Thank you! We wanted to add a lot more to the game, but unfortunately we ran out of time. Perhaps we'll release an update later on!